Nilay Engin

Nilay (pronounced Knee-lie) is Turkish born and raised belly dancer who has studied the art of belly dance for several years with many highly accredited dancers in US and Turkey. She moved to US for further studies in 2001 and started to develop her belly dance technique. She danced in New Mexico with a troupe and solo. Her early choreography work is rooted from these dates. Prior she belly danced in the living room to Turkish cassette tapes of infamous Turkish belly dancer compilations. Today she is based in Bakersfield, but performs all throughout California. Upon developing her style, she has been performing, teaching, choreographing, producing workshops and short videos.

Her style is a lively, joyous and energetic mixture of excitement from modern Turkish oriental belly dance. She has extensive prop usage of, but not limited of tambourine, fans, fan veils, veils, isis wings and sword. Her dance has been expressed to contain fierce, feisty, and fiery quality which makes it unique in the sensuous world of belly dance.

Currently Nilay is working on competitive belly dance choreographs, show production and youtube channel recordings to serve belly dance students. She continues to teach ongoing Belly Dance Fitness classes at Ev-leen’s Dance Studio. These classes have been designed to improve the student continually through upon layering the correct technique on choreography combinations and creating continuous flow of dance, core impact also becomes a pleasant side effect.

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